Hello lovely people of the Internet! My name is Gabriela, but nobody uses that – too long! So I usually get called Gabi, Gabs, Gab and – you guessed it – Gaba. There are countless versions of my name, especially in Czech, so I basically react to anything beginning with “G”.

I was born and raised in the gorgeous city of Prague, Czech Republic, and I dare to say that it will always be the most beautiful city in my eyes. However, I’m willing to see all the others to make sure!

I’m a full time student now, but my Master’s are slowly getting done and I can’t wait to become a full time traveller! So my plan is to finish the studies and then… to have no plans! To go wherever I want and do whatever I want for as long as I want.

I live in London now for a bit, hence the abundance of London posts, but I like to go back to the stories that happened on my travels in the past. And all of that can be found here! Welcome to Gabasphere!