The best thing about London

I’ve been to London twice before I moved here in January. And on my second visit, it happened. My friend and I were having a picnic in Regent’s park when I made an eye contact with the cutest creature in the world. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

I was wearing my new blue jumper and had hummus and lettuce sandwich with KitKat for lunch. He was watching me shyly from distance, not knowing whether to approach me or not. I smiled and he understood. And there, right there, I knew that love at first sight exists. This is him:


If you know me or came here from my Instagram, you probably rolled your eyes to the back of your skulls the second you read the title. Yes, I’m obsessed with squirrels (in a cool, non-creepy way). Ever since that first encounter, I’ve been deeply in love with them and I never looked back.  I spend quite a lot of time wandering around London parks now and I still think that squirrels are the best thing about London.

There are so many reasons why to love them. They are cute, fluffy, cheeky, can climb head first down the trees looking like a sheet, jump from trees into space and survive… They even eat bananas! Or, to be specific, banana peel, which was something very new for me (sorry for the picture quality, this is a paparazzo shot):


But for me, personally, the main reason to adore them is that they make me happy. Every time I see a squirrel I forget about everything else. When I watch them or feed them, I’m there, in the moment, not thinking about anything else. They bring out the child within me and I love them for it even more. It’s not so bad to channel your inner 5 year old every now and then.

You can see squirrels all over London in parks and gardens, but the best place to go when you want to be a hundred percent sure they are going to be there and ready to be fed is the already mentioned Regent’s Park. My favourite place is right at the entrance at the southeast corner. If you go there during the day, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. You will make friends with a squirrel within two minutes, as long as you have some nuts (or KitKats). In other places they can be quite shy but believe me, not here.


Now if you don’t like feeding squirrels and you think this whole article is completely stupid and pointless, there are only two possible explanations. The first one is that you’ve never tried it before and you only think you don’t like it, but would enjoy it if you tried. In that case, I forgive your ignorance, my sweet summer child, but you need to sort out your priorities in life. Or the second possibility is that your heart is colder than La Manche (hihi, English Channel of course) and then there’s no hope for you, sorry.


Pro tip time: If you read this far, congratulations! Your reward shall be a tip from professional squirrel feeder (me): bring seeds! Even though squirrels prefer nuts when they have a choice, they would only take them and eat them nearby, usually with their backs turned to you. When you offer them a handful of seeds though, it doesn’t really pay off for them to go back and forth all the time and they will stay eating from your hand and, if you’re lucky (or position your seeds cleverly), they will hold onto you while doing so. The. Cutest. Thing. Ever.


I could go on forever about squirrels and squirrel feeding, but don’t worry, I won’t. I’ll wrap it up here, but just promise me you’ll try it next time you’re in London, ok? It is quite life changing.


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