Enchanted by the welcoming Britishness at Kenwood House, London

This is an unplanned post but one that would perfectly explain why I like the United Kingdom so much. There are many reasons why but this is one very specific experience that I’d like to share.


Introvert in London

My brain shocked me yesterday when it realised that not only did I enjoy spending the whole Easter weekend with people, I was actually looking forward to it. The first happens quite often, I enjoy spending time with my friends. The latter, however, is not that common. Before all you extroverts start to think what a selfish loser I am, please let me explain. I’m sure all my fellow introverts already understand.

My favourite Harry Potter-related places in London

This is an article lovingly written by a 90s kid who grew up with Harry Potter and still thinks her letter from Hogwarts was lost in the post because it’s literally the only logical explanation why she still has to live in the Muggle world. At least that’s currently London so here are my favourite places that I recommend visiting to all of us who will never be too old for Harry Potter (or will just lie about our age when things become slightly more embarrassing).

The unexpected thing about London

Let’s talk about the weather. I know I know! I can hear you thinking. How bloody predictable. Weather in the UK is literally the first thing everybody’s talking about whenever they’re actually talking about, you know, the UK. BUT! First, who am I to break the tradition and second, I’m not going to complain about the rain and fog as you probably thought I would. Because I actually like the British weather. Wait, what?